if a goal is accomplished...


and you don't post about it, did it really happen?? YES! yes yes yes! this is a bit of a spin-off of my rant on instagram stories the other night (if you didn't see it, don't worry, it was kind of ridiculous with a few moments of truth thrown in). 

every single day, every hour, even every 15 minutes, we're bombarded with the next big thing or the best way to improve on (insert basically everything you've ever wanted to be good at here), or the fastest way to grow your customer list etcetera etcetera etcetera (just learned how that was spelled)... and we see big names on social media sharing their goals and hopes and dreams and how they're accomplishing them one step at a time. and we start to feel smaller and not as important and doubtful because we don't have 100k on the top of our profile. or 50k. or even 5k! i'm guilty of it, but i'm slowly and surely getting better at scoffing at that feeling.

because here's the thing: i do a lot. (profound, right?) i started to list specifics, but that would be counterproductive of my point. i do and make and clean and letter and work every single day. but you don't see it. and that's ok!! my husband says Facebook ruined everything (haha!), and while sometimes i feel like he's being dramatic, i know there's truth in what he's saying. this social media world that we're living in is really, really good at illusions and i just wanted to share that i feel good about what i'm doing every single day, even though i'm not broadcasting it. it's ok with me that you all don't get to see into every single thing that i'm doing (none of it's that amazing anyway!).

don't feel that in order to feel good about a goal accomplished, you have to shout it from the rooftops! or post it on every platform, or post a screen shot in your story of your instagram profile with the latest post whited out so people have to go to your actual profile to look at the picture. (that's a trend i'd like to see fade out). some of us aren't built that way. but we're still doing good. 

(yes, i meant to say good and not well, for those of you who may have cringed at that. and if you did, can we be friends?)