HAPPY SUMMER! (and fall)

photo by briana gray of the grays photography

photo by briana gray of the grays photography

so loveletter studio is going through a few changes this summer... if any of you read my last post or have been following on IG, you know i've become a little disheartened with running a business over the past few months. i love creating products that make other people happy, but i kind of forgot that i have a responsibility to make myself (and in turn, my family) happy first. i hate to jump on the 'instagram and its stupid algorithm' bandwagon, but man, it's for real. i also hate that it's affecting me so much, that it actually matters that that number below my photos is higher than 25- or whatever. ugh! so i'm going to give it a break and see what happens.

what this break will entail: closing my etsy store for the majority of the year except in november and december. focusing on weddings from january to october, which is a whole other (excited to say exciting!!) story, continuing to post whatever the hell i want in an imperfect grid of non-matching and probably poorly-lit photos on instagram, and getting back to the business of enjoying what i do. i really love what i do, and i'm good at it! i hate that something as dumb as a scientific or mathematic (of course it's dumb, it's math and science) formula has made me doubt that.

for now? i'm putting everything on major sale in my shop and shutting down on june 1. until november 1. and as for instagram? i'm also going to hop off of that the same day and see what happens. for a month, nothing drastic, just going to put my damn phone down and pay attention to the four little humans right in front of me. and maybe my husband, too.

use SUMMER50 to get 50% off (yeah, seriously) everything on etsy! downloads, coasters, baby numbers, and cake toppers! i will still be offering envelope addressing, just not through the shop. 

if you've gotten this far without rolling your eyes and clicking onto something else, i love you. thank you for supporting me and my little corner of the world. i'm hoping to keep working, to get my hands dirty with paint and ink, and to just do it to do it and not because i need content.