if a goal is accomplished...


and you don't post about it, did it really happen?? YES! yes yes yes! this is a bit of a spin-off of my rant on instagram stories the other night (if you didn't see it, don't worry, it was kind of ridiculous with a few moments of truth thrown in). 

every single day, every hour, even every 15 minutes, we're bombarded with the next big thing or the best way to improve on (insert basically everything you've ever wanted to be good at here), or the fastest way to grow your customer list etcetera etcetera etcetera (just learned how that was spelled)... and we see big names on social media sharing their goals and hopes and dreams and how they're accomplishing them one step at a time. and we start to feel smaller and not as important and doubtful because we don't have 100k on the top of our profile. or 50k. or even 5k! i'm guilty of it, but i'm slowly and surely getting better at scoffing at that feeling.

because here's the thing: i do a lot. (profound, right?) i started to list specifics, but that would be counterproductive of my point. i do and make and clean and letter and work every single day. but you don't see it. and that's ok!! my husband says Facebook ruined everything (haha!), and while sometimes i feel like he's being dramatic, i know there's truth in what he's saying. this social media world that we're living in is really, really good at illusions and i just wanted to share that i feel good about what i'm doing every single day, even though i'm not broadcasting it. it's ok with me that you all don't get to see into every single thing that i'm doing (none of it's that amazing anyway!).

don't feel that in order to feel good about a goal accomplished, you have to shout it from the rooftops! or post it on every platform, or post a screen shot in your story of your instagram profile with the latest post whited out so people have to go to your actual profile to look at the picture. (that's a trend i'd like to see fade out). some of us aren't built that way. but we're still doing good. 

(yes, i meant to say good and not well, for those of you who may have cringed at that. and if you did, can we be friends?)

HAPPY SUMMER! (and fall)

photo by briana gray of the grays photography

photo by briana gray of the grays photography

so loveletter studio is going through a few changes this summer... if any of you read my last post or have been following on IG, you know i've become a little disheartened with running a business over the past few months. i love creating products that make other people happy, but i kind of forgot that i have a responsibility to make myself (and in turn, my family) happy first. i hate to jump on the 'instagram and its stupid algorithm' bandwagon, but man, it's for real. i also hate that it's affecting me so much, that it actually matters that that number below my photos is higher than 25- or whatever. ugh! so i'm going to give it a break and see what happens.

what this break will entail: closing my etsy store for the majority of the year except in november and december. focusing on weddings from january to october, which is a whole other (excited to say exciting!!) story, continuing to post whatever the hell i want in an imperfect grid of non-matching and probably poorly-lit photos on instagram, and getting back to the business of enjoying what i do. i really love what i do, and i'm good at it! i hate that something as dumb as a scientific or mathematic (of course it's dumb, it's math and science) formula has made me doubt that.

for now? i'm putting everything on major sale in my shop and shutting down on june 1. until november 1. and as for instagram? i'm also going to hop off of that the same day and see what happens. for a month, nothing drastic, just going to put my damn phone down and pay attention to the four little humans right in front of me. and maybe my husband, too.

use SUMMER50 to get 50% off (yeah, seriously) everything on etsy! downloads, coasters, baby numbers, and cake toppers! i will still be offering envelope addressing, just not through the shop. 

if you've gotten this far without rolling your eyes and clicking onto something else, i love you. thank you for supporting me and my little corner of the world. i'm hoping to keep working, to get my hands dirty with paint and ink, and to just do it to do it and not because i need content. 

do you know what it's worth?

this past weekend, my good friend (and extremely talented weaver/dip dyer) jess of whisker row and i participated in our local craft fair. at the beginning of the second day, a woman came in and was really interested in one of jess's dip-dyed pieces. after she looked at the price tag, she asked us when the fair was over and if we were going to be trying to move things by the end of the day. knowing that this meant 'discount', we were both a little surprised by the question. jess answered politely that she also had an etsy shop and that these pieces were all her inventory from that, so no, she wouldn't be pricing anything down at the end of the day. like a garage sale.

photo by Jess Macy

photo by Jess Macy

if you've been following along on my instagram for longer than a day, you'll recognize the KC coasters that i had made for the fair. i seriously love them and got a really amazing response when i teased them last week from the press shop where they were being made. i was feeling so good about them going into the weekend, went back and forth on how much i should sell them for, and then? i sold two sets. the whole weekend, 2 sets. to a sweet friend of mine. i priced them down twice during the course of the fair, but still didn't sell more. this is the nature of the beast, i'm told. i understand that, but i also have a little bit of a rebellious streak that makes me want to scream. so instead of doing that, i thought i'd hop on my high horse real quick and explain something. or ask a question. 

what do people think they're buying when they come to a maker craft fair? i honestly don't know what a non-maker is thinking when they browse the stalls, loving the art that they see, but then turning up their noses at the prices. do they understand that there's a person behind the art? that someone mixed ink by hand, set up a press plate to the millimeter so it would print and cut exactly right, moved levers, adjusted pressure and weight, and then stood there the whole time and made sure that almost every single coaster came out right? or that a real person took a skein of yarn, cut literally hundreds of pieces to the same length, knotted each of those pieces onto a pipe, and then precisely dyed them BY HAND to produce a beautiful pattern? it's art. it may or may not be your thing, but people have to understand that art is a person. someone has created that piece because they love what they do and want to share it. there's a process and if you love what you see, it's worth it, whatever that price is. if you don't feel like paying for it, go to hobby lobby.

boy, that felt good.

i marched with tens of thousands of women and men yesterday in kansas city. for all the women and little girls in my life, for every marginalized group in america, for reproductive rights, and to take my first step in telling this current administration we have our eyes on them. it felt amazing. it was peaceful, it was uplifting, and encouraging. so i'm offering this partly as a free download for you, and also to test out whether or not i actually know how to offer a free download. i'll try and test it myself before releasing it to the masses, so hopefully by the time you're reading this, it's good to go. just click on the image and it will open a new window for you to print it out! should be a 5x7. :)

also, stay tuned for some pretty exciting news tomorrow!