last spring, i got an e-mail from a couple of girls "up north" who'd found me on etsy and had very nice things to say about my calligraphy. i was a serious newbie at this point and couldn't believe that someone besides my friends and family had actually found me! they needed 200 pieces of driftwood lettered on for a wedding and even though the thought completely freaked me out, i gave them a price quote and crossed my fingers.  the rest, as they say, is history.  i worked for hours upon hours on those little babies and kept wondering if it was going to be worth it. absolutely, absolutely it was. those girls were haley and emilee of Mint & Lovely and i can credit them with my first official job and more after that. 

photo by laurelyn savannah

photo by laurelyn savannah

at first, i thought of them as wedding planners, but then as i got to know them, they morphed into much more than that. my short answer is that they are event consultants, but even that doesn't seem to do them justice. they also have a keen eye for beautiful, clean design and love to host workshops "up north" in milwaukee and the surrounding cities. which brings me to WHY i'm posting about these lovely ladies!! 

they've hosted several calligraphy workshops and wanted to branch out to the rest of the world, basically. :) they thought they'd start in kansas city!!!! LUCKY ME! so on september 11, in collaboration with Mint & Lovely, i'm giving my very first modern calligraphy workshop!! we're still ironing out all the details, but here's a little snippet:

"At the workshop you’ll walk into a beautifully styled space where Lily of loveletter studio will instruct you on the basics of modern pointed-pen calligraphy, how to use the pen and nib, and cover basic techniques as well as learning letters of the alphabet.  Along with the basics, she will go over how to make the perfect strokes, walk you through how to connect letters, and even give ideas on how to incorporate it into your own projects. Whether you want to address pretty envelopes for an upcoming wedding or celebration, create personalized details for your home or you simply want to learn a beautiful new art form, this workshop is for you!

You’ll walk away with all the tools you need to continue honing your new skill at home, a custom tote bag + personalized gift and the memory of a day well spent with other local women."

what's not to love? a few hours chatting with other ladies (and maybe a couple gents!), having a couple drinks in a beautiful space, and learning a skill that's making a serious comeback.

tickets will go on sale through their website soon, so stay tuned! i can't wait!