a rose by any other name...


dear friend,

i'm ripping off meg ryan (really nora ephron) a little in beginning my blog posts with 'dear friend.' in you've got mail, she says she likes to start her notes to him as if they're already in the middle of a conversation and that they're the oldest and dearest of friends. makes it a bit more personal for me, so i'm trying it out. picturing whoever may be reading this at the other end of the void... 

i'm starting this blog properly in the middle of a few changes for me. nothing huge, but i had a bit of a lightbulb moment last week as i was preparing for my first workshop (tonight!). when i started really focusing on learning the art of calligraphy (after having all of my 4 kiddos and realizing i needed some ME time or i was going to implode), my goal was to get into the wedding business and address wedding invitations. i didn't want to design them (i'd tried that already and didn't feel like i could contribute anything worthy to the world), just address them.  this was about 2 1/2 years ago, when i was pregnant with my last little babe, olive. i flew up to chicago all by myself and took a workshop from the amazingly talented molly jacques. as if i needed more reason to be hooked, but this jump-started me really getting down to it.  fast forward to now, and i've made it! just kidding, but i'm definitely who i want to be when i grow up. i have an etsy shop with a few products (seriously, what new mama wouldn't want this?!?!?) and have been steadily keeping busy with the wedding season.  i've done lettering for the coolest juice place in KC and will teach my first workshop tonight.  toot my own horn much?

all this to be said, the name loveletter calligraphy just doesn't cover it anymore. calligraphy is at the core, but let's be honest, the name was too damn long anyway.  i hope it doesn't confuse people and make them think i have a storefront (i do not), but i'm really happy about the name change to loveletter studio.

here's to growing this tiny little business! xoxo